A Swiss egg is different from any other. It has been produced under optimal conditions and by observing stringent quality criteria which begin in the laying house. These factors contribute to making a Swiss egg something special. A Swiss egg has “inner qualities” which do not readily meet the consumer’s eye but which are increasingly being taken for granted: rearing methods and husbandry systems which are protective of animals and environment, healthy laying hens and high-quality feed which along with a production “just around the corner” assure short shipping times and optimal freshness. Behind each Swiss egg there is the competence of the Swiss poultry farmer.

Three out of four Swiss consumers are aware of these qualities and willingly buy Swiss eggs in the shop or supermarket as they feel the extra quality is well worth the extra price. For they know: good cooking starts with the ingredients, and good cuisine needs Swiss eggs.  

The Swiss egg – more than meets the eye

If you taste a Swiss egg, you should not only be secure in the knowledge to have an outstanding product with respect to taste and nutrition. You should in addition be certain that within the strictures of feasibility no stone was left unturned to assure the laying hens’ optimal wellbeing, a certainty that is sure to enhance your enjoyment of Swiss eggs. The Swiss poultry farmers are proud of the level they have achieved in the areas of animal and environmental protection – and gratified that consumers are obviously honoring their endeavors in the supermarkets and shops by opting for the Swiss egg.